mechanical and electrical services

Mechanical & Electrical works on rigs* platform* vessels* processing plants* offices.
Heavy and light duty oil & gas equipment*overhaul* repairs* maintenance* installation* commissioning.
Heavy and light duty generator repairs* maintenance* installation* commissioning.
Marine equipment welding works* fabrication* install* commission.
a. Overhaul by dismantling and assembly, installation, maintenance, repair and modification of Heavy duty and light generations/pumps/cranes/drilling equipment/forklifts.

b. Dismantling, relocating, modifying, maintaining, aligning and installing wide variety of marine machinery, equipment and systems such as propellers, rudders, cargo handling machinery, Lifeboats, anchor handling gear with the application of standard practical knowledge of the mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic system and component of diverse marine machinery and their attachments. These include detailed knowledge of the operations characters of the involved machinery, equipment and system, their functional relationship, the applicable installation and repair procedures, method and trade practices. c. Installation maintenance, repair and modification of production machinery, equipment and system such as standard and numerically controlled machine tools, woodworking and metalworking machines used in the production of goods.

d. Installation maintenance and repair of general industrial plant machinery and equipment such as bridge cranes, conveyors systems, compressors, pumps. e. Installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems or equipment, electrical wiring system, fixtures controls and equipment such as generators, electric motors and transformers. f. Selection, installation and use of cables, ropes, chains and other weight handling gear to lift, move and position heavy load. g. Repair and modification of a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and systems. h. Installation maintenance, repair and modification of equipment such as heater and hot air furnace, high and low pressure steam boiler, hot water boiler, power generating equipment and similar systems. i. Modification, maintenance and repair of hydraulic and/or pneumatic systems and components that actuate mechanism or produce, control and regulate fluid flow.